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Anuba’s Care

An End of Life (Death) Doula is a support person – man or woman- who
provides nonjudgmental, non-medical holistic support to those nearing the end of
life as well as their friends and families. An end-of-life doula educates and
empowers individuals to make decisions on their own end-of-life care and final
burial or funeral.

Their job is not to inject their own meaning of death to a family but to help
a dying individual and their loved ones come to their own conclusions and face
death with a little less fear and a little more love. A death doula is not there to tell
a dying individual the “right” or “best” way to transition, but to help the dying
make their own decisions after learning about their options.

Death doulas can help close the gaps between what people really want
and what occurs. For example, studies show that 80 percent say they would
prefer to die at home. But less than 20 percent actually do die at home. Sixty
percent die in the hospital and another 20 percent in nursing homes. More than
any other provider, death doulas stand in a position to empower people to make
decisions while they can, to consider what a “good death” looks like to them, and
help advocate for those wishes at the end.

  • Empower People to Live Life Fully to the End

  • Help People Have Better Deaths

  • Being a Source of Comfort for the Grieving

Anuba’s Services

Anubas Care
What we do

Shamanic Healing Oracle Reading Session (30 minutes max)
These sessions will help you realize the energies
surrounding situations in life that can hinder or assist you along
your path of self-awareness and healing. Come with an open mind
and heart willing to receive insight and empowerment as you
 develop discernment.



It is my pleasure to recommend David Luke as an End of Life Doula. 
Throughout the process, I received comfort and support as my mom transitioned.  Having his support eased my emotional heartbreak in this difficult season. I am grateful for the counsel I received throughout the process of saying goodbye and resting in a good space. 
He was patient, compassionate, and respectful of my emotions.  

He aided in de-escalating anxiety I was experiencing, losing my loved one.

— Ralencia Howard

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