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House of Terra Firma

House of Terra Firma
A home for creatives pioneered by the belief that art lives in everyone, and we cultivate it through exploration. "The shepherds for the shepherds." We house creatives to assist others through
song construction, visual arts, production, idea curation, philanthropy, doula
work, and more. 


Listen to Fictional examples of male vulnerability via a client and a delusional alien.

Terra Firma Productions

Aquarian show is created and written by David Luke.

Narration by Pubby Longway
Rashid voiced by Willie Hyn
Deithra voiced by Dhikra Muhammad
Office Receptionist voiced by Gary Colley
Dr. Amanda Jones voiced by Felicia Banks
Marcus voiced by David Luke
Recorded, edited, and produced by David Luke for House of Terra Firma

All music by David Luke

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